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Frequently asked question

We believe that BioKodeLab is for today's cognitive athlete.

(*and by athlete we actually mean anyone that wants to support their cognitive performance).

Great things take time, as they should. In a world where we have become accustomed to everything happening in an instant, we must remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. BioKodeLab will work best when taken daily over 3+ weeks.

The best combination to unlock cognitive performance and help with mental performance is to take Focus Plus or Calm Plus and a daily probiotic supplement, Probiotic Plus.

What time you take BioKodeLab isn't really important, what is important is taking it at the same time each day to help form a habit. We recommend starting to take it when you think it would be easiest and most memorable - make it as easy as possible for yourself. For some with your morning smoothie, for others having it sitting at your desk at work for the 10am morning tea break or at the end of the day.

In short… anyway you want to as long as you take it daily. Probiotic Plus is best to be taken with food. For Focus Plus, most people mix it with water to taste. Some shot it or take it with a glass of water. Others put their two heaped teaspoons into a morning smoothie. If the flavour is a little sweet for you, try mixing it with crushed ice and a bit more water.

At BioKodeLab, we aim to work only with the best ingredients. The orange specs you may see are the lutein and zeaxanthin. Derived from marigolds, it takes on the same colour. The white specs are traces of buttermilk powder. When the lipids come into contact with the cold glass, they solidify to leave a light film.