Jif Cream Surface Cleaner Lemon 500mL


Jif lemon cream cleaner is a multipurpose concentrated cleaner suitable for all rooms, multi-surface clean, enriched with a fresh, lemon scent.

• Removes 100% of the toughest dirt from surfaces with zero fuss for beautifully clean surfaces.
• Use a small amount to remove all kinds of dirt like tough grease, stains, burnt-on food on oven, stove tops, and bathroom limescale stains, for a damage-free, clean hard surface.
• Made with 100% natural cleaning particles* to provide gentle and reliable cleaning (*made from a naturally occurring mineral and are not linked to the plastic microbeads that have the potential to contribute to microplastic marine litter).
• To take better care of our planet, this bottle is 100% recyclable — all you have to do is remove the sleeve.