Loreal Paris Revitalift Laser Pure Retinol Night Serum 30mL


The new l’oréal paris revitalift laser pure retinol night serum is our most potent, highest concentration of pure retinol.

Known to be highly effective and fast-acting in correcting deep wrinkles and signs of ageing, pure retinol is a top dermatologist-recommended ingredient which helps to renew skin overnight. It is proven to fight stubborn signs of ageing like deep wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin texture.

When using retinol, remember to always use a facial sunscreen or broad-spectrum spf moisturiser as retinol sensitises your skin to uv rays. Your skin will need time to get used to this powerful ingredient too, so it is recommended to introduce it gradually and use only at night.

How to use?.
Your skin will need time to get used to retinol. It is recommended to introduce gradually. Apply 3-4 drops to clean, dry skin in the evening before revitalift laser night moisturiser. Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of spf 15 the morning after.