Lynx Legen Deodorant Body Spray 165mL


Lynx legend body spray has a fresh, floral and woody fragrance built with bergamot, verbena and frozen lemon that will keep you feeling great all day long. No guy is perfect. But, every guy has something. Something that makes him, attractive, desirable, loveable. A modern masculine fragrance that helps to embrace the unique something in you. The ancient spice-winds of africa or the hypnotic steel drums of voodoo? the passionate mayhem of anarchy or the cool serenity of peace? are you louder than legend or are you the quiet and assured stillness of a black night? discover yours today.

• 48hr fresh.
• Longer lasting freshness.
• Fresh, floral and woody fragrance.
• Stay smelling great for 48 hours.
• Shake, twist and spray directly on underarms and body.