Purex Toilet Paper 6pk Mega Long White


Purex 6 mega long white rolls, 450 sheets per roll (more than double purex standard rolls). Purex mega long 6 pack is the equivalent of 13 regular purex rolls giving you the convenience of changing the roll less often and also reducing packaging and cardboard core waste.
Dispersible, biodegradable paper suitable for all systems.

Since 1955 purex has been an integral part of new zealand and continues to live by the strong values it was built upon-delivering a soft, strong yet sustainable product locally made in kawerau, bay of plenty. All whilst minimising the impact upon the natural environment we love. Purex harnesses renewable energy from kawerau's natural geothermal steam in combination with nz hydro power and is sourced from fsc® certified responsibly managed forests to make a quality toilet paper that is soft on you and soft on the environment.