Baxters Dog Food Five Meats Loaf 1.2kg


Baxter's dog food loaf five meats 1. 2kg â?? our dogs are our best friends and constant companions. That's why we're dedicated to providing them with the complete and balanced nutrition they deserve at every life stage. All baxter's meals are specially formulated with the key proteins, vitamins minerals needed to aid digestion, bolster the immune system, and ensure healthy bones so your best friend stays happy and healthy. The product is designed specifically for adult dogs and contains:.

- Complete balanced nutrition.

- Essential vitamins and minerals for everyday health.

- Essential oils (omega 3 and omega 6) for healthy skin and coat.

- Natural fibre to support digestion.

- Contains vitamin e to help support the immune system.

- Balanced calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones.

- No artificial colours or flavours.